Site Summary
Site Summary

Clicking on the Site Summary button of your SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel shows you valuable information about your account. Inside you will find:

Site Name: This is the name of your web site, and is the same as your registered domain name.

Site Administrator Username: You will need a user name to access or "connect" to our computers. Just like your site name, your user name will be unique from everyone else on the server.

Disk Used: This is how much disk space you have used.

Bandwidth Used This Month: This is how much bandwidth (bytes downloaded from your website) you have used this month, and the projected total traffic for the month.

Server Names: Each web site is set-up on a specific server. This section tells you the name of the server your site is on. Web: tells you the name used to reach your site through a browser window. Secure: tells you what server name to use when calling the secure server (a secure form, for example).

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