SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel
Introduction to the SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel

The SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel allows you to control your web site from any Internet browser. This virtually eliminates the need for novice users to learn and use FTP and SSH. The more familiar interface of the web browser combined with point and click simplicity, makes the Web Control Panel an extremely user-friendly web management tool. The Web Control Panel is included with every account.

Your Web Control Panel is personalized for you with your domain name and weekly website traffic stats. To access the one on your domain go to:
or you can open your Web Control Panel by entering your domain name and clicking "Open WebControl Panel"

Enter your domain name:  

NOTE: Due to the unique security requirement of the Web Control Panel you must have your browser set to allow cookies. This, in conjunction with a number of hidden verification systems assures you are the only user allowed to access these features on your domain.

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