Site Manager

Site Manager

The Site Manager component of your SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel will be a very important tool in the creation of your web site. After all of your hard work, you will need to upload the web site to your server space on our computers. The Site Manager is where you will begin.

It is very important that you name your home page, the first page that you want visitors to see when they visit your web site, to index.htm or index.html. When a browser visits your web site by typing in your domain name, i.e.,, the browser program will automatically search for a page titled index.htm or index.html by default. If the browser does not find one, your visitor will not be able to get into your web site without a specific page name to add to the domain URL.
Once you name your first "home" page index.html, you will need to upload it to the www directory in your account.

To upload to www:
1. Check off the yellow folder titled "www" and click on the link to open it. In this folder, you will see files that have been installed to your account (such as the screenshot above).
2. Click on "Browse" in the File Upload section. Find the index.html you created for your home page and press upload. This will transfer this file from your computer to your web site.
3. You should see the index.html file in the "www" folder, under the Files column above.
4. Once it is uploaded, you can edit, rename, or delete each file you create.
5. Open up your web browser and type in your domain name. You should see the page you created in your browser.
6. Through this web interface, you can click on the appropriate buttons to move, delete, and modify files that you have created. As your web knowledge increases, you may create more folders for better organization. The left side of the screen controls the directories and subdirectories of your account. The right side controls the individual files.

Password Protecting A Directory

Sometimes part of a web site will need to be password protected so that only certain users can access it. You can create password protection that will block access to all users except those with passwords that you create. It is generally not a good idea to password protect your "www" directory, because no one will be able to access your web site.

To password protect a directory:

1. Once you have created a directory you want to protect, select that subdirectory in the Site Manager and click Protect.

2. Select the username and password used to enter the directory. You can create several different username/password combinations for the same directory if you wish.
3. Click "Add User".
4. To test it, type in the path name that you have protected (ex. to see if a password window is displayed.

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