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Getting Started
   Admin Main Page--Overview
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   Miva Merchant Functions
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      Mall Name
      Administration Timeout
      User Interface

   Add User
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   Module Paths
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Miva will answer any question or problems that may arise during your configuration (generally you can completly setup your shopping cart with no problems).

Please note that Hosting Masters does not support Miva Merchant, you must contact Miva for support.

Extensive documentation is available from Miva.

Getting Started
Once you have setup your Miva Merchant account you will have two important URLs that you should both write down, and bookmark in your browser.  The first one is the  Administration page.  This  is the brain center for your shopping cart. You will need to login to this using the Username and Password you selected during setup. The URL for this will be  (replace with your actual domain name)

The other URL will be the Miva Merchant cart. You may wish to open this in a separate browser window so that you can see for yourself the results of changes/selections you make in  Admin, such as colors, font sizes, and product displays. The URL for this page will be:  (replace with your actual domain name)

Admin Main Page--Overview
Once you have logged into your Admin area you will see a page divided into three parts. Since this is the control  center for your entire Miva Merchant system you should take some time to become familiar with the layout and how it works. 
At the top of your screen you will see a header section containing links that you may find helpful.
  • Miva Icon  Clicking on this will take you to Miva Corp's home page.
  • Main   Clicking on this link at any time will take you back to the Main Admin  page.
  • Docs  This will take you to Miva Merchant's online help files.  (different from this manual)
  • Support  This will take you to Miva Merchant's  support message board.
  • Logout  When you are finished working in your Miva Merchant you should logout. This will prevent anyone else who may use your computer from accessing your account without logging in.
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Menu Panel 
The menu panel on the left side of the screen lists all of the  functions of the cart in an expandable file format. With a little practice you will soon be able to navigate these options quickly and easily.
  • Blue Text 

  • Blue text indicates an active option. Clicking on one of these will pull up the page or form indicated in the Main Frame of your screen.
  • Black Text  

  • Black text indicates an inactive option. This means that there is currently nothing available to pull up for the item
  • Arrow Icon  

  • The small blue arrow icon next to a directory indicates that there are sub-directories within that directory.  Click on the arrow to expand the directories. 
  • Dot Icon 

  • A small dot icon next to an item indicates that it  currently contains no sub-directories 
  • Spider Web Icon

  • Some forms will display a small black web icon. Click on this to have a window pop up displaying all of the relevant links you can use in your web pages.  This is very helpful for integrating Miva Merchant into an existing web site.
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Main Frame
This is the large portion of your screen. Items selected from the Menu Panel will open in the Main Frame of your screen.  You will make selections, enter information and save your work from there. Once saved, the Menu Panel will update to reflect any changes you make.
  • ?

  • The large blue question marks next to many form entry fields will, when clicked on, open a small help window.
  • Lookup

  • The blue Lookup link will be found next to some items to help you make selections from current lists.   For example, clicking on the Lookup link next to the Manager field when setting  up your store will open a window which will display all of the Users you have entered.  Simply select the desired User from the list to have the name automatically entered into the field for you.
Miva Merchant Functions
All of the functions, options and selections that are available to you will be listed in the Menu Panel.  At first glance you will see only a half dozen or so items listed here. However, once you begin expanding the directories by clicking on the blue arrows you will see the list grow rapidly. 

Please take a bit of time to explore the options in your Menu Panel to familiarize yourself with how it works, and what is available.  You may also wish to read the Before You Start section of this online manual before you begin adding your products and setting up your cart. 

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Click this link at any time to update your screen to the most recent saved version.  Remember that the more of your Menu you have expanded, the longer it will take for the Refresh to take  place because you will have more files open.

Mall Settings
This will contain the current mall settings as entered by you when you setup your account. 

  • Mall Name 

  • The Mall Name is used by your modules and other settings to identify your Mall.  The Mall Name does not have to be the same name as your Store Name. 
    Note--Your license allows you to setup one Mall, with one store in it. To add more stores to your Mall you will need to purchase additional licenses. 
  • Owner

  • The information entered here is, by default, the same information you entered when creating your store.  The name here will also be used for contact emails and notices.   You may change/update this as needed.
  • URLs

  • These are the specific URLs the system will point to within your domain.  If these URL's are entered incorrectly, they will not work. 
  • Administration Timeout

  • This will automatically log you out of your Administration page if there is no activity for the specified number of minutes. This is a security precaution for your benefit.
  • User Interface

  • These settings allow you to customize the look and feel of your Miva Merchant pages and forms. 
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You may give administrative access to as many users as you like, each with their own login and password.  You may also remove users. 
  • Add User

  • The Username and Password entered here will be needed for the User to login to the system. 
      Check this box to give User access to all areas of your Miva Merchant store, overriding other security settings.
      Note: If you do not check this box the User will have NO privileges at all until you create a Group and assign them to it.  To create a Group expand the sub-menu under your Store Name and click on the small blue arrow next to the sub-title "Group".
      Create New Users?
      Check this box to  enable  User  to create new Users.
      You must click on the Add button to Add the new User to the system.
  • Edit User

  • All current Users will be displayed in a list below Add User.  To edit any settings for a User, click on their name.  Once you have made your changes, click on the Update button. 
      Delete User
      To delete a User click on the Delete button on the Edit Users form.
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    The word "module" is used to indicate a specific set of programming which performs  a specific function, or set of functions.  The use of modules allows for a greater degree of flexibility and upgrade ability to the system as a whole.  New modules may be added and implemented without effecting the rest of your system. You may change modules if you like as well...for example, you may wish to change from Flat Rate Shipping to UPS Shipping. This is done by simply changing  your module selections. 
    Module Paths
    • Root Directory for Modules

    • Your modules are stored by default in a directory named Merchant.   Miva Merchant uses this directory path to configure links for the modules. In most cases, this default should not be changed.

      path should be /Merchant2/

    • Secure Root Directory for Modules

    • Your modules are stored by default in a directory named Merchant.   Miva Merchant uses this directory path to configure secure links for the modules where needed. In most cases, this default should not be changed.

      secure path should be /your-userid/Merchant2/

      Note: your-userid is your domain name with no extension. example- would be fred.

    Add Module
    • You can add modules created by either Miva Corp or third party vendors to increase functionality of your Miva Merchant. You may upload modules from here using the Upload option, or place your new modules in a directory on your server manually and enter the path here. 
    Module Listings
     All of the modules you currently have installed in your Miva Merchant will be listed here.
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