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Resell web hosting for big profits

As use of the Internet continues to grow, so does the demand for affordable and reliable web hosting. You can take advantage of this growth and start making money by reselling our web hosting services.

If you currently offer services such as web design or consulting, you can generate recurring revenue long after your project is finished. Additionally, your customers will appreciate the value of "one-stop-shopping" if you provide them with web hosting services as well as your other offerings.

Why be a Hosting Masters reseller?

  • Private-labeling. Your customers will be your customers. They never need to know we even exist. Use your own brand, create your own pricing structure and handle your own billing.
  • Support. You donít need to be a hosting expert. We have trained technicians ready to help. All plans include 24-hour anonymous tech support through our online support center.
  • Reliability. Our tier one data center facilities are monitored 24/7 by our own system administrators, and feature multiple redundant Internet connections provided by some of the largest backbone providers in the world. The best security and power backup systems have also been implemented to further ensure your websites are up and functioning at maximum speed.

    Our resellers enjoy large volume discounts off our hosting plans. Let us handle all the hosting, setup and support duties - all you have to do is sit back and collect your share of the profits. Become a Hosting Masters reseller and cash in on the Internet.

    Resellers get a 10% discount on all of our "Micro" sites, all other resold sites have the tiered reseller discounts in the following table. The discount rate is based on the total number of Full Featured, Lite and Mini sites.

    Number of Non-Micro Sites Resold
    (total number of Full Featured, Lite and Mini sites)

    ** Micro sites are a flat 10% discount **
    3-5 20%
    6-9 30%
    10-24 40%
    25-49 45%
    50-99 50%
    100+ 60%

    Note: none of the other discounts can be applied to resold sites.

    You may get your own set of domain name servers to use when registering and transferring your customer's domains. Ask sales if you want your own name servers ($29 setup, $20/month).

    Your months are "fiscal" months, meaning that they start the day you order the site. For example, a site ordered May 22nd would have the first month run from May 22nd to June 21st.

    Reseller discounts do not apply to setup fees or other one-time charges such as parked domains.

    Your reseller account is billed on the first of the month for all renewals due that month and for any charges accrued during the previous month that were not already billed.

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