Adding Your Own CGI Scripts
Adding Your Own CGI Scripts

We provide many CGI scripts with your account which you will find in a directory called cgi-bin.   We do not provide free support for CGI scripts which we do not install on your server, so if you wish to add new CGI scripts you may want to do a bit of research on them first unless you are familiar with them already. Adding new scripts requires a more advanced knowledge of programming terms and skills and is not generally recommended for Novice Users.

CGI Script Resources: Matt's Script Archive - CGI Resources - The CGI Resource Index
There are many good resources for CGI scripts found on the web. The scripts at Matt's Script Archive are very good. Many of our scripts come from there. The others are also excellent resources. Unless you are an expert on the subject, you should look for scripts that are very well documented and come with step-by-step instructions.

Please note that we do not support third-party scripts.

Where to Put CGI-bin Scripts
Put your cgi-bin scripts in the www subdirectory named "cgi-bin". 

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