Dreamweaver 4

1. Open Dreamweaver. From the menu bar select "site" and then "open site"
2. Fill in the appropriate fields:

Site Name = Name Your Web Site
Local Root Folder = This will be the path to your local folder that holds your web site files.
HTTP Address = yourdomain.com

3. Select Remote info on the left navigation bar. Drop down the access menu and select FTP
4. Fill in the appropriate information:

Access = FTP
FTP Host = yourdomain.com
Host Directory = /home/username/www. This will then upload the files directly into your www directory.
Login = User Name
Password = Password
Click OK

5. This will then open the Dreamweaver FTP program.
6. Click on Connect button on the top menu bar. The raised button in the picture below is the connection button.

7. Your are now connected to the server and you will see two windows

Left Window

Dreamweaver will now display a split screen. The window on the left will contain the folders and files contained within your www directory. This is your space on the server. This is where you will place your website. You will see folders with names such as infobots and access-log.

Right Window

The window on the right will contain the folders and files on your local computer. This should be pointing correctly to your local Web Site.

Upload Files

1. Highlight a file (or files) from your computer in the right window.
2. Click the blue up arrow button on the menu bar to transfer your files
3. You will see a note in the status bar at the bottom when your file transfer is complete.

Download Files

1. Double click on the folder you want to download files into on your computer to open it in the right window.
2. Highlight the file (or files) you wish to download from your website in the left window.
3. Click the green down arrow on the Menu bar to transfer the files.
4. You will see a note in the status bar at the bottom when your file transfer is complete.

The picture above shows that by selecting the blue up arrow, you will be placing a file called hook.gif into your web site located on the server. To disconnect, select "file" and then "close"

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