Cute FTP
Cute FTP

Follow the instructions below, or if you prefer to watch a movie that shows how to setup and use CuteFTP, select one of these:

  Setting your preferences
  Configuring your site
  Transferring files
  Managing your files

1. Download and install Cute FTP
2. From the menu bar select "file" and then "site manager"
3. Enter in the required fields:

Label for your site = Your Web Site Name
FTP Host Address =
FTP User Name = User Name
FTP Site Password = Your Password
FTP Site Connection Port = 21

4. Click the connect button
5. You will then see the screen below when you are successfully logged into your account. Click OK

Left Window

Cute FTP will now display a split screen. The window on the left contains the folders and files on your own computer. Use the drop down screen to browse your system.

Right Window

The window on the right will contain the folders and files contained within your home directory. This is your space on the server. This is where you will place your website. You will see folders with names such as www, infobots and access-log.

Upload Files

1. Double click on the www directory in the right window to open it. This is the directory you will upload your web pages, files, images etc. into.
2. Highlight a file (or files) from your computer in the left window.
3. Click the blue up arrow button on the menu bar to transfer your files
4. You will see a note in the status bar at the top when your file transfer is complete.

Download Files

1. Double click on the folder you want to download files into on your computer to open it in the left window.
2. Highlight the file (or files) you wish to download from your website in the right window.
3. Click the blue down arrow on the Menu bar to transfer the files.
4. You will see a note in the status bar at the bottom when your file transfer is complete.

The above picture is showing that you will be transferring the folder My Pictures into your www directory. Select the blue up arrow to transfer the folder.

Create A New Directory (Folder)

To create a new directory on your website click on commands in the menu bar. Then click "make new directory" when you are inside the www directory or a subdirectory of the www directory. You will be prompted to enter a name for the new directory. Once you do this, the new directory will be created.

Multiple File Transfer

To transfer more than one file at a time, highlight the first file, and then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard to select more. All highlighted files will be transferred when you click on the appropriate arrow button to begin the transfer.


When you are finished transferring your files, click on "file" and then "disconnect" in the menu bar. This will then disconnect CuteFTP from your website.

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