SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

If you prefer to get a private secure server certificate for your website (rather than using the shared certificate that comes with your site) you will need to use this facility to generate the "CSR" (Certificate Signing Request) required to obtain a certificate.

The advantage to getting a private secure server certificate is that visitors can then access your pages securely via a simple; the disadvantage is the cost (typically ~$100/year from the certificate supplier and $100 from us to install the initial certificate, then $50 from us to re-install renewals).

Note: you need to generate a new CSR every time you need to obtain or renew a certificate.

After your certificate has been issued, forward it to for installation. Given our $100 fee to install certificates ($50 to re-install renewals), consider getting/renewing a certificate for more than one year to reduce costs.

FYI - a CSR is basically a Public Key that you generate on your server that validates the computer-specific information about your web server and Organization when you request a Certificate from the certificate issuing organization (Thawte, Verisign, etc.).

The fields are self-explanatory, fill them in and click Submit to generate the CSR.

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